1 Get your PayGlocal MID
Contact our Sales team to get onboarded and get your PayGlocal MID. After this process you would have access to our GCC Dashboard as well.
2 Choose your Integration
At PayGlocal we offer the following integrations to help merchants utilise our payment stack. Please select one as per your need.
3 API Integrations
To kick start your API integration follow the steps below:
1 Choose your GPI flow type by referring to the Payment Initiation section.
2 Download the appropriate key based on your flow type from the GCC Dashboard.
  • For PayCollect, download an API Key
  • For PayDirect, download a RSA Key
3 Refer to our API Flow section to understand the sequence of API calls to be made.
4 Refer to our API Authentication section to understand how to authenticate your API calls.
5 Refer to our API Reference section to understand and test our APIs.
5 Test cards can be found under the API Testing section.
4 Plugin Integrations
To kick start your Plugin integration follow the steps below:
1 Download a RSA Key from the GCC Dashboard.
2 We support the following plugin integrations. Head onto your plugin's section and start your integration.
5 No Code Integrations
To kick start your No-Code integration head onto our Payment Links section for more details. Payment links is currently the only no-code product available at PayGlocal.


Stuck? We got you!

Feel free to contact our Integration Team if you ever get stuck in your integration journey.