What is OpenCart?
OpenCart is an open-source and free eCommerce platform, which is easy to setup and is used by thousands of merchants around the world. The eCommerce platform features plenty of free themes and extensions that adds more functionalities and features to the store.
OpenCart with PayGlocal
Integrating PayGlocal with OpenCart enables the online merchants to accept online payments through internet banking, and debit/credit cards from the customers. The extension makes it easier for the merchants to accept payments through the PayGlocal payment gateway.
Note:Before following the steps mentioned below, ensure that you have a merchant account with PayGlocal. Contact us to create one now!
Plugin Download
Download the extension based on your OpenCart and PHP version.(Incase you are not able to see the download link for your OpenCart and PHP version, kindly reach out to your account manager.)
Opencart VersionPHP VersionDownload Link
1.5 - 5.6AnyDownload
Plugin Installation
1 Log into your OpenCart admin panel, and go to Extensions -> Extension Installer to install the extension.
2 Upload the extension that was downloaded.
2 Click on the Continue button once the upload is completed.
3 Navigate to Extensions -> Extensions
3 select the Payments from the drop-down, and install the PayGlocal Payment Gateway extension.
1 Log into your OpenCart admin panel, navigate to Extensions -> Extensions.
1 Select the Payments from the drop-down.
1 Click on the edit option provided against the PayGlocal Payment Gateway to configure it.
2 Now configure the extension as illustrated below.
  • Total: Enter the minimum order total to allow the customers to use the PayGlocal payment method.
  • Title: Enter a custom title for the payment method, which will be shown to the customers on the frontend.
  • Sandbox Mode: Enable or disable the sandbox mode as per your requirements.
  • Merchant ID: Enter your merchant ID received from the PayGlocal dashboard. You can log into your PayGlocal merchant account, and copy the merchant ID from the top bar.
  • Public Key: Enter the PayGlocal public key received from the merchant account dashboard.
  • Private Key: Enter the PayGlocal private key received from the merchant account dashboard.
  • Public PEM: Upload the public pem file downloaded from the PayGlocal merchant account dashboard.
  • Private PEM: Upload the private pem file downloaded from the PayGlocal merchant account dashboard.
  • (Refer to the(Key Management) Section for more details on the above 4 points.)
  • Gateway URL: Enter the following payment gateway URL here: https://api.uat.payglocal.in/gl/v1/payments/initiate/paycollect
  • Refund URL:: Enter the follow refund URL here: https://api.uat.payglocal.in/gl/v1/payments/{{gid}}/refund
  • Refund Required:Select ‘Yes’ to allow refund functionality for the payments made through PayGlocal.
  • Order Status:Set the default status of the orders paid using PayGlocal.
  • Geo Zone:Select the application geological zone for allowing the payment method.
  • Status:Enable or disable the PayGlocal payment method from here.
  • Sort Order:In case of multiple payment methods enable, enter the sort order of the PayGlocal payment gateway.
3 Click on the Save Config button at the top-right corner of the page.


Setup Successful

Once, you have followed all the steps mentioned above, the PayGlocal payment gateway is successfully set up with your OpenCart store.