Get an understanding of our PayGlocal Payment Initiation (GPI)
These API calls are always to be used in server-to-server communication channels. The payload listed in the API sections is the minimum set of fields required.
To get an understanding on how to use these APIs in initiating and completing payments, please refer to the API Flow Section. You may also refer to the API Testing section for test cards.

Flow Types
PayGlocal offers two flows in which merchants can initiate payments from their customers via APIs:

1 PayCollect Flow
In this flow the card details are collected by PayGlocal. The merchant is not required to collect any card information.
1 Must be used by NON PCI-DSS merchants. Can be used by PCI-DSS merchants as well.
2 Used when the customer has to enter card details on PayGlocal page.
3 New payment methods released by PayGlocal can be seamlessly integrated.
4 Minimal tech integration on the Merchant's end.
2 PayDirect Flow
In this flow the card details are collected by the merchant's application. The merchant then securely sends the card information to PayGlocal, where the transaction is completed.
1 Can only be used by PCI-DSS merchants.
2 Used when the customer has to enter card details on the merchant checkout page.
3 For new payment methods introduced, merchants need to do a tech integration.

Processing Type
PayGlocal offers two kinds of processing to its merchants for the payment initiation calls. Merchant can opt for either or both of these processing capabilities in their payment integrations.
1 Card Processing
Payment stack that processes card transaction of different types (credit, debit, prepaid etc) and brands (Visa, Mastercard etc)
2 AltPay Processing
Payment stack that processes local and global alternative payment options (Indian NetBanking, UPI, GiroPay etc)


Making the Right Choice

Please refer to the above points to select a suitable flow and processing type for your integration.

If you are still confused on which flow to use, you can reach out to our Integration Team. If you are confused on which processing type(s) to go for, you can reach out to our Sales Team to understand the product offering so that we can onboard you onto a product which serves your needs in the best way possible.