Payment Link Generation Steps
Follow the steps below to generate a PayGlocal Payment Link in less than a minute!
1 Login to your GCC Dashboard.
2 From the left navigation, click on Payment Links.
3 Click on the Create link button located at top-right side of your screen.
4 On the Create link screen, enter the required data.
4 You can increase the number of fields by clicking on the fields under You May Add More.
5 Click on Generate Link after filling in the details.
6 Your unique payment link is created!
6 A Payment Link ID will be shared on screen to help track the payment link.
7 PayGlocal will send an E-Mail and a SMS to your customer with the link as well.
8 You can further continue and copy the Payment Link from the dashboard.
8 Share it via your own channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram Messages etc.
9 Upon a successful payment the customer will receive an email with a receipt of the payment.


Payment Link Retry Limit

Each Payment Link can be retried for a total of 10 times after which it cannot be used by the customer.

Payment Link Fields
We have described in detail the fields supported by PayGlocal Payment Links.
Field NameDescriptionRequired
CurrencyThis is the currency you would want customers to pay the amount. However customers can choose to change the currency at the time of paying the amount. Ex: If your customer is based out of US select USD from the dropdown. Selecting a local currency will improve your chances of successful payment.Default INR is selected.
AmountEnter the amount you want your customer to pay.Required
NoteAdd a note so customers can understand what this payment is about.Optional
ExpiryLink will get expired after certain time duration selected. Post that user won't be able to make any payment on this link.Required. Default time is 2hrs and can be configured upto 48hrs
Customer Email IDCustomer's email to which payment link will be sendEither customer email or mobile no is required.
Customer Mobile noCustomer mobile no to which payment link will be sendEither customer email or mobile no is required.
Customer NameEnter the name of the customer to whom you are sending payment linkOptional