What is Shopify?
Shopify is an e-commerce website used my millions of merchants around the world.
Shopify with PayGlocal
Integrating PayGlocal with Shopify enables the online merchants to accept online payments through internet banking, and debit/credit cards from the customers on the shopify platform. The plugin makes it easier for the merchants to accept payments through the PayGlocal payment gateway.
Note:Before following the steps mentioned below, ensure that you have a merchant account with PayGlocal. Contact us to create one now!
Plugin Installation
1 Navigate to https://apps.shopify.com/payglocal
2 Click on the Add app button.
3 If you are already logged in to your Shopify store, kindly skip this step.
3 If you aren't, kindly login to your Shopify store.
4 It will take you to the installation page as below. Kindly click on Install App button
5 On the next screen you will be shown the payment methods to select (select all).
5 Enable test mode if you wish to perform test transactions before going live.
6 Click on Activate PayGlocal button to complete the process.


Setup Successful

Once, you have followed all the steps mentioned above, the PayGlocal payment gateway is successfully set up with your Shopify store.


Installation Errors

Incase if you are facing any installation errors, kindly send us an email on [email protected] and we should get back to you at earliest.

User Journey
1 Your customers will see PayGlocal on the checkout page as a payment option.
2 Once tapped on Complete Order they will be redirected to PayGlocal page to complete the payment.
3 On successful payment completion they will be redirected back to you store.