Payment Link Dashboard
The Payment Link Dashboard is a one stop destination for merchants to manage and track their payment links. Payment Links Dashboard can be accessed by Merchants via the left menu by clicking the Payment Link tab.
The following activities can be done on this dashboard:
1 All payment links can be viewed via this dashboard.
2 Retrieve a specific or a set of Payment Links using the search bar.
2 Use their PL_ID, merchantTxnID, product description or name.
3 Filter on status and date along with your search to get better results.
2 Example: Get All Active links from 01st January 2022 - 31st January 2022.
4 Download your Payment Link data from the option on the top-right in .csv format.
5 Disable a Payment Link using the button under the actions tab in the dashboard.
2 By clicking on disable the payment link will get disabled and user can no longer make a payment.
6 View attempted transactions on a payment link by clicking its PL_ID.
2 View individual transaction details by clicking on its GID transaction.
Payment Link Statuses
Elaborated below are the various statuses that a Payment Link can obtain.
ActiveWhen link is created and payment is yet to be successfully completed
ExhaustedWhen the no. of attempts for payment on the Link have been exhausted. Max no of attempts user can make is 15.
TransactedWhen payment has been completed successfully on the link. Once transacted the link cannot be accessed again by the customer.
ExpiredWhen the link expires before payment is successfully completed on the link. Expiry is the one which has been setup while configuring the payment link
DisabledWhen the link has been disabled by merchant.