Get an understanding of the PayGlocal API Flow
At PayGlocal we have exposed API endpoints to help merchants integrate with our payment stack to execute several payment services, all of which has been listed below in our API Reference section. In this section we want to shed light on our standard payment transaction flow and to elucidate the sequence in which the APIs must be utilised to achieve this flow.


Server to Server Calls

Please note all API calls made by the merchant mentioned in the flows below HAVE to be server to server calls and CANNOT be initiated from the browser as it will lead to a security hole during authentication.

Standard Payment Flow
The illustration below depicts how a standard payment transaction flow is initiated and completed via our API integration. Refer to the steps below the illustration for a more detailed understanding of the standard payment flow.
Transaction Status Check
Transaction Status Check is a polling endpoint to retrieve the status of your transaction at any point in time. Polling can be using the MUID or GID of the transaction recieved in:
1 The API Response of the Payment Initiation call to PayGlocal.
2 Used when the customer has to enter card details on PayGlocal page.