Learn about PayGlocal API Responses
The HTTP responses of the PayGlocal APIs have a common structure which will be discussed in this section. The structure and fields are illustrated and elaborated below.
API Response Structure
  "gid": "",
  "status": "",
  "message": "",
  "timestamp": "",
  "reasonCode": "",
  "data": {},
  "errors": {}
Response FieldDescription
gidPayGlocal ID to track each and every HTTP API request made in the system.
statusPayGlocal status of the API, whose value is a subset of the statuses found in this section.
messagePayGlocal message describing the response in a few words.
timestampTimestamp at which HTTP response is created indicating service completion.
reasonCodePayGlocal Reason Code indicating the response status of the request from a PayGlocal perspective. The reason codes are listed below in this section.
dataIf it is a successful response, some data points are returned which will differ from API to API. Check the API response section under API Reference for each API to understand what will be sent here.
errorsIf it is a failure response, some error points are returned which will differ from error to error.
PayGlocal Reason Codes
Reason CodeDetailed Message
GL-201-000Declined by System
GL-201-001Transaction Created Successfully OR Sent for capture successfully OR Redirected to ACS form
GL-201-002Refund request sent successfully
GL-201-003Transaction partially approved
GL-201-004AVS Failed but issuer approved authorization
GL-201-005Processor Error
GL-201-006CVV Failed
GL-201-007Card expired. Request another card.
GL-201-008Insufficient funds
GL-201-009Lost or stolen card
GL-201-010Issuer down
GL-201-011Unauthorized card or payment on card not allowed by issuer
GL-201-012CVV mismatch
GL-201-013Payment exceeds limit on card
GL-201-014General Decline
GL-201-015Customer is blacklisted by issuer
GL-201-016Payment refused by the issuer
GL-201-017Payment refused by the issuer
GL-201-018Card account is found invalid
GL-201-019Authentication by customer failed
GL-201-020Merchant configuration is incorrect, contact PayGlocal customer support
GL-201-022Declined by Risk system
GL-201-023Payment authentication failure
GL-201-500Declined by System
GL-400-001Declined by System
GL-400-002Request contains invalid data
GL-400-003Request missing merchantTxnID
GL-400-004Card type not enabled for this MID
GL-400-006Amount mis-match with original transaction
GL-400-007Card type is not valid
GL-400-999Transaction not found
GL-501-000Declined by System
GL-501-001Declined by System