1 What is a Payment Link?
Payment link is a unique link generated at the PayGlocal GCC Dashboard which can be shared to your customers to complete payments to purchase your products or services.
2 How does it work?
Payment links support domestic as well as international cards. The merchant can configure the amount and currencies they would like to accept the payment in. Once the link is created, the PayGlocal system sends an E-Mail and SMS to the customer with the payment link. After the customer clicks on the link to complete the transaction, the merchant will get notified via email.


No Tech Integration needed!

You can simply create a payment link from our dashboard and share it with your customers. Further you can track the status of each payment link send. You can create a payment link in less than a minute! Yes, its that easy.

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3 How do I Generate a Link?
The merchant can utilise the GCC portal to generate links to accept payments. Head on to the Payment Link Generation section to understand more on this.
4 How do I Configure Notifications?
The merchant can configure payment notifications for themselves and the customer using the GCC portal. Merchants can receive notifications of Payment Links via SMS. Mobile number of the user who is to be configured to receive updates, must be provided to PayGlocal team to enable Payment Links for the MID. The merchant user will be notified via SMS for the following events:
1 New Payment Link is created for a customer.
2 Payment is successful on a Payment Link.
3 Payment fails on a Payment Link, along with PayGlocal reason code for failure.
4 Link expires before successful payment.
5 User has exhausted the attempts for payment on the Payment Link.
5 How do I View and Manage the Link?
The merchant can utilise the GCC portal to manage their payment links and view their transaction reports. Head on to the Payment Link Management section to understand more on this.